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    The Dry Gloss Manicure

    A HOW-TO

    • Caring for one’s nails in a natural and intentional way can really make a manicure feel like a true act of self-care. With this idea, Bare Hands created the Dry Gloss Manicure - an elegant at-home solution for those who prefer a beautifully groomed natural nail that focuses on nourishing and uplifting.

My Chameleon Meditation My Chameleon Meditation

  • The Kit > 

    The Dry Gloss Manicure Kit contains a moon-shaped glass file, two cuticle sticks, a cleaning cloth and the nourishing Cuticle Oil pen. Each tool housed in the vegan leather case works in harmony to reveal your healthiest natural nail. Using the same ingredients as high-end organic skincare the cuticle oil support the skin’s natural functions. Making up the formula is a nourishing blend of oils including castor, jojoba, grape seed, sweet almond, and sea buckthorn, all of which will soften and heal your cuticles and nail beds. The unique glass polisher does all the work of a buffing block in just one step, gently binding the keratin cells of your nails together producing a glass-like shine.

    The Benefits > 

    • Non-toxic manicure solution.
    • Changes the texture of nails to a smooth glass-like finish.
    • Removes and cleans cuticles
    • Sustainable + reusable 
    • Perfect for at-home use
    • Lasting shine

    The How-To > 

    1. Exfoliate cuticles with a homemade sugar and oil paste. Scrub into the cuticles and backs of hands. Let it sink in for 10 minutes to absorb moisture.
    2. Use The Polisher by applying gentle but firm pressure across the nail in short strokes. Use the cloth to wipe away any dust and wipe the polisher clean.
    3. Once shined, use the brush pen to apply a thin coat of The Cuticle Oil. The brush tip is designed for a touchless application, but you can rub the oil. Repeat weekly for the Polisher and as needed for the Cuticle Oil.

    My Chameleon Meditation
  • My Chameleon Meditation My Chameleon Meditation

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