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    • Fran Miller is the force behind nutritive skincare brand F. Miller. Created in 2014, the much-loved skincare line offers a pared-back approach with its gentle, botanical-based formulations. Here, we chat with Fran about daily rituals, beauty favourites, and guilty pleasures.

    • - Where do you live and do you feel your surroundings inform your approach to F.Miller?

      I grew up and am based in Toronto. The city offers so much in terms of art, design, and creativity while also being in close proximity to some incredible nature — growing up here has certainly contributed to my love for beautiful things and the environment, and I think that translates through the brand's inherent minimalism and overall ethos.

      - Managing your business and personal time can be challenging, what does a usual day look like for you?

      I hit snooze a few times and try not to look at my phone. Warm water with apple cider vinegar, and make coffee to go for a morning walk. Then a 20min deep stretch, shower, and quick skincare routine. Maybe toast with butter & jam and a second coffee while I deal with emails. Depending on the day, I'm either stuck on the computer, in the studio formulating, or running around. I try to break for snacks, and fresh air throughout the day and wind down work by 6pm to start on dinner. Evenings usually include a movie or art project, tea, chocolate, sunset stroll, and a bath.

      - Does your Skincare routine change throughout the year?

      Our routines don't necessarily require a complete overhaul come cooler months, I just approach winter with a somewhat gentler, extra nourishing approach. Increased hydration, layers of moisture, and supportive, non-stripping ingredients will help skin maintain proper function when cold air, harsh wind, and dry indoor conditions challenge it most. I find that regular gentle exfoliation and the addition of a protective balm or cream helps - much like we layer our clothing for elemental protection in the winter, we can do the same with our skin to keep it calm and hydrated.

  • MC People. Fran Miller

    MC People. Fran Miller

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    • - What are your rituals that nourish your wellbeing?

      Warm liquids and daily restorative stretching. Dry brushing before the shower to exfoliate and help with circulation, regular evening baths with a few pumps of Body Oil and not-too-hot water to prevent dryness. Maximum layers of hydration when it comes to skincare — always applying oil to damp skin, and layering our Toning Mist in between each step to help ingredients absorb deeply. Bundled walks with my dog, driving out of the city for snowy forest hikes. A steam or sauna if I can get to one.

      - Top 5 favourite beauty products?

      F.Miller Face Oil, Toning Mist, Eye Oil, Cleansing Oil, Weinerblut Freudian Wood perfume.

      - Your approach to dressing?

      I dress for my mood, and gravitate towards ease and comfort. Vintage jeans or trousers, a perfectly worn tee, classic shirting and knitwear, interesting accessories. It's usually a mix of feminine / androgynous with playful elements thrown in. I'm blessed with a stylist for a partner so I usually force her to pick my outfits.

      - Drink of choice?

      Coffee with oat milk in the morning, vermouth & soda, and/or herbal tea in the evening.

      - Your favourite meal?

      Fanny Singer's Coming Home Pasta or Colu Henry's Roasted Tomato and White Bean Stew with heaps of grated parmesan.

      - Secret pleasures and obsessions?

      Plant life, deranged dancing, pastries, the smell of my dog's paws, airplane window views. 

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