Curated Towelling.

Take a personal approach to Baina’s organic towelling by curating a set of mismatched colours and prints. A simple guide is to mix with intent. Choose one element and apply it to all of your selections to keep cohesiveness in the space. This might be as subtle as taking the sage green from Baina’s signature checkerboard print and aligning that with their Bethall bath towel, or for a stark contrast, pair one of the towels from the label’s ivory story with the pungency of Tabac or Paloma Sun.


Josephine and Virginia Hand Towel, Beppu Bath Mat 

Virginia Hand Towel, Bethall Bath Towel, Beppu Bath Mat


Josephine and Clovelly Hand Towel, Roman Pool Towel 


Agnes Face Cloth, Tama Hand Towel, Woodford Towel